iTRADEX intelligent signal service system integrates 7 major functions: the macro data analysis, technical analysis indicators, quantitative analysis, financial management systems, system backtesting function, signal trading orders, and AI trading. After many years of testing on this system model, it has been proven through analytical calculation of computer data that it is faster and more efficient than humans in observing and analyzing financial market trends, with the signal calculated having more than 80% of accuracy. The programmed trading operation also results in sustainable profits.


Macro data analysis

It is based on the ability of calculators in analyzing huge amount of data with the speed of light, filtering data from a large data pool. Historical data can be analyzed through this method, creating understanding in the profit situation of the trading strategy and degree of risk besides giving the best financial market trend data information.

Technical analysis indicators

Combines MACD indicators and RSI indicators, efficiently predicts the direction of price trend. This system has indicators that can predict investment fluctuations and changes.

Quantitative Analysis

Three main functions: Losses prevention, trailing losses, and target revenue. After certain loss or gain, the system will carry out automatic clearing to avoid further loss and sustain profits.

Funds Management System

According to 1% initial funding principle, the system will limit each transaction within 0.5-1.0% of the total funds, the largest benefit being the ability to maintain a uniform level for every scope of transaction.

Back Test System

The system will automatically test the performance of trading strategy development in historical data, and performs backtesting in order to revise and improve the trading strategies, producing a more desirable trading strategy.

Signal Indicators

Combining with the above analysis, the system will calculate market decision signal of 80% accuracy, in which the signal illustrates clearly the market trading price and market conditions.

AI Trading

AI trading executes instructions more quickly than human operation, greatly reducing the chance of human error in transaction, enforcing discipline and principles in every trader.